Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My new year's resolution

Do my best, and forget he rest!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Does this blog count?

Recently I heard a gentleman talking about personal growth and the things that he does every day to keep himself moving forward. He said that writing an entry in daily in a journal helps to keep him on track.

I purchased a blank journal years ago that I just rediscovered, dormant between my Hemmingway collection and Catcher In The Rye. It's still completely blank. I think I bought it around the same time I started this blog.

So, does a blog count as a journal? Being honest with myself I'd have to say that this blog is only a partial journal. A public journal, mainly revolving around cycling.

I guess I just answered my own question. Looks like I need to find a good pen.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Closing in

New Year's Day (and the annual 1st ride of the new year) is only 10 days away, and I don't own a Pugsley. Looks like I might need one. What are the chances of all of this melting before then? If it does melt, will the trails at Carvins Cove be even remotely rideable?

Doubt it. A fire road ride may even be a bit optimistic. Regardless, I will be saddling up on Jan 1 to begin my winter training miles. None too soon either. Cabin fever is already setting in.

Let me give you an example:

I haven't played ice hockey since my twenties, but I've been online shopping for deals on skates for the past few days. I have no more equipment except for a couple old beat-to-death Nike composite sticks from my more-recent roller hockey days. My stick-handling skills do not exist. But, things like this happen every year right around the holidays. The bikes have been seeing rare action these past couple months. I've been training extra double super hard this off season doing a combination of upper body, core and plyo. My body is ready to do something!

So before I buy a thousand dollars worth of hockey equipment, the Mother Nature needs to cooperate and give me some improved riding weather.

Just a side note: even if I did decide to play hockey again, I would have to wait until fall of 2010 for the next organized league to start. So If I bought hockey stuff I'd go even more insane not being able to play hockey or ride my bike!

Maybe I need to buy a bowling ball...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Done with it

I'm typing this as I sleep. Opera on PBS in the background does it every time. I'm dreaming of the winter base miles that are only days away! I find myself thinking past the holidays to Jan 1, which for me always begins with the annual 1st Ride of the New Year at Carvin's Cove. Can't wait.


Monday, December 14, 2009

More and more

Wow the days have gotten shorter. A quick glance at the calendar reveals that the shortest day of the year is just a few sunsets away. (uh, sunrise is pictured below - no relevance to this post yet...keep reading).

Christmas is barreling toward us like a frosty freight train, and 2010 is right behind! So many things are happening that my head is spinning wildly out of control. And not just holiday-related things.

Opportunities. They keep finding me. I made some of them find me, others by the grace of God.

Thoughts. Of another race season's base mileage and hope that my surprising muscles continue to surprise me on the bicycle.

Aspirations. I want to become a morning person. I want to be on my yoga mat at 5 am. I want meditation time. I want to read more to become more. (Sunrise picture appropriate here)

As things change in my life, as they always do, I hope the end result continues to be as good as the past results. I really do believe that life is a journey. You never, ever arrive. You can grow as a person, or you can go backward. You can grow as an athlete, or go backward. You can become more of what you are, or less.

The point is, you never stop. If you try to, you go backward.

Deep, I know. Sorry. I know this is a bike blog. I'll dispense with the deepness.