Saturday, January 09, 2010

We've got a piper down! A piper is down!

Do you remember, back before the ice age, when you could do things outside like ride a bicycle? I miss those days. I miss them so much that despite the trails being snowed and iced over and the bitter cold winds, I still went ahead with leading (what is supposed to be) the weekly MTB ride this past Thursday.

Explore Park would have still been buried under, so we scapped that. Mill Mountain would have probably been OK, but who wants to ride up there in 40 mph winds? Not I. So we oped for a little urban assault with some mini-trails at PH and Fishburn mixed in.

Three minutes into the ride, just at the entrance of the Greenway, I hit a patch of ice at about 15mph and immediately hit the deck so hard I felt like I was dropped out of an airplane with no chute. Laura did the same right behind me, and Gordon slowed just enough to avoid hitting the two of us. When I hit, I landed on my right elbow, just like I did when I had my season-ending, shoulder-dislocating crash last August. The cold amplifies pain so much that I thought I had broken my elbow and my hip. I lay there for at least two minutes before I could tell that my shoulder was OK. I was relieved, but I could still tell that my hip took a major hit. This crash was easily the worst I've ever had.

So know a couple days have gone by and I think everything is going to be OK. I'm obviously bruised up (not quite as bad as this dude, but you get the idea).

One very positive thing came out of the crash, and that is the fact that I know that my shoulder is stronger than it's been in 15 years. I landed on it with all of the force of my body weight on a solid sheet of ice and it not only stayed intact, but actually feels as good as it's ever felt.

So two things:

1. I will be going for it on the mountain bike. No need to hold back.
2. I will be playing hockey next fall. I'm strong again.


Jen said...

OW! Glad you're ok! The black ice has been just as bad as the snow. After my calamity on it, I have this subconcious fear now that grips me even when I approach the freezer. Well not that severe, but you get the idea. I'm truly sick of winter now! Have fun on the trainers. See you soon hopefully.

SurlyGirl said...

Glad your okay. My entire left side feels like it had the crap beat out of it and I have some very nice bruises on my legs.

Gordon Wadsworth said...

At least now I wont be the only person who gets criticism for putting nearly naked men on his blog. Seriously glad you are alright though Warren.

And serious props for the "So I Married an Axe Murderer" quote, one of the best movies of all time.

"I Juice everything now"