Tuesday, May 18, 2010

White is the new purple

In my basement last night, I was utilizing my huge biceps during a P90X workout. Hanging on the wall I noticed my incomplete GF Rig from way back in 2005. Known as the Purple People Eater, it is the best bicycle I have ever known. The thought of it hanging there utilized is tugging at my heart strings.

It must be resurrected and ridden!

I found this pic of a Rig that has been lovingly painted white. I am oozing over the white, my friends. However, The White People Eater doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

Another color perhaps? I think I wants me some other color than anything that GF has spit out in mass production.

Yellow is magic. Red is rippin'! Can you see a dark green Rig?


Jen said...


warren said...

red, green, yellow polka dots are all the rage right now! Maybe the color of your fav beer!

Gordon said...

well I have to concur w/ Jen, Orange is pretty rockin. I also have to say that green would be pretty gnarly, but not dark green, Im talking waaaay out crazy neon green.