Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So after waiting two weeks to see the orthopaedic surgeon I arrived at his office with a million questions and high expectations. I also expected the worst. I knew that they'd have to slice me open and put in some bionic parts...I just knew it!

So he asks me how I did it. "I have no idea. Maybe in a mountain bike race, maybe running". How do you rate your pain when you're riding? "Zero to maybe a one". Then he moves the ailing knee back & forth. Twists it and pulls on it.

My diagnosis: inflammation made worse by not resting. Take some anti-inflammatory (that don't mix with alcohol. !!??!!) Rest more. See me in two months. $50 co-pay please.

Crap. I wanted a bionic knee.

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Rev's Pulpit said...

lol, great to see you out today and glad it's nothing but a little lack of rest and anti-inflammatory. Ah, a few beers helps it feel better too:) Were you asking for donations to help cover the co-pay?