Saturday, January 08, 2011

My knee is fixed, time to shave my head

This story starts about a year ago, I think. I had just completed a successful rehab of a dislocated shoulder and was having a nice frigid mountain bike ride with Gordon and Laura. Suddenly the 1 inch of fresh powder that I was barreling over at about 20 mph turned into a solid sheet of ice. Being a hockey player, I actually like sheets of ice, just not on a mountain bike. And especially not at speed. So, as you could imagine, body met ice instantly and violently. Laura slid into me, and Gordon into her. Luckily they were both uninjured. I was writhing in pain. Every joint hurt. It was as if something yanked my bike from beneath me from the left side like there was a rope tied to the frame. Upon impact, every appendage was bent in a direction in opposition to the way God had attached them. However, my newly-strengthened shoulder was perfect! I was happy. Adrenaline (along with a pinch of stupidity and stubbornness) kept me out on that ride for about another hour.

Days went by and most of the pain(s) subsided. Along into the "off-season" I pushed. P90X is my weapon of choice for building winter strength. Push ups, pull ups, Yoga X, and lots and lots of plyometrics. Very high-impact stuff. My left knee reminded me of the twisted crash the more I jumped on it with reckless abandon. I had pain it that same knee almost every year prior after doing P90X for a few months, but it always went away when I moved from high-impact back to pedaling.

That did not happen in 2010. The pain continued and worsened the more I trained. I'd back off a bit, driving myself mentally crazy, and try to make up for the lull on the other side once the pain subsided. Train, race, hurt like hell, rest, repeat.

Off to the ortho I go...

The swelling in my knee was an obvious indication that something was brewing in there that wasn't going away on it's own. Long story short, the progression went something like this over the next few months: Prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs, followed by reduced pain & swelling, followed by my stupidity, followed by more pain & swelling, followed by Paula telling me to rest a bit, repeat.

The MRI was ordered a month back or so and revealed (surprise!) a torn medial meniscus. Surgery was scheduled for yesterday Jan 7th, and went down without issue. I have to thank the great folks at Roanoke Ambulatory Surgery for taking care of me in such an awesome manner. Everyone there made the experience extremely easy on me. An extra-special thanks goes to Dr. George Henning for his professionalism! Kudos Doc!

So now the 2011 season begins. The base miles start to accumulate as soon as Dr. Henning says they can. I gotta tell ya this much, dislocating a shoulder is infinitely more painful than having a knee scoped!

The shaving my head part in the title was just to get your attention!

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Jen said...

You are too funny. Shave your head and grow your beard back... Glad you're on the mend. How about not getting hurt for a while ok?