Thursday, July 07, 2011

Don't wave at me!

My (almost) daily training rides have taken me onto the Roanoke River Greenway quite often lately. It's a very easy connection from my house to loops that I like on the other side of town.

I'd have to say that about 40% of the Greenway cyclists that I see are helmetless. If that wasn't bad enough, nearly half of those want to remove one hand from the bars in order to be friendly and wave at me! For the love of Pete keep your hands on the bars! You're making me a nervous wreck!

I've seen too many experienced cyclists crash for no reason at all. So the "I ride within my ability" excuse doesn't cut it when you're riding on a hard surface with tons of unpredictable joggers, dog walkers, stroller pushers, fishermen, rollerbladers and other cyclists.

So if you're on the Greenway without a helmet and you wave to me I will ignore you. I want no parts of you cracking your noggin open.


Jen said...

Nice post, however I can assure you that human brain doesn't look like egg yolks. This I know from personal observation at work. But agreed, wear a helmet!

And Cyclists maintain a safe speed! (See Ron G's blog on this topic.)

Skmeetz said...

...and wear a shirt! Ug, scary stuff you see on the Greenway. It's like a Springer show.

Janet said...

If I'm wearing a helmet will you wave back??

Skmeetz said...

Yes Janet, a helmet gets you heaps of friendliness.

Ken said...

Amen Warren, I have seen too many people I thought were sensible riding without helmets.