Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shift season

Since I moved onto the mountain a little over a year an a half ago, and I have a trailhead 300ft from my front door, I haven't been on the road bike more than a dozen times (I'm guessing). It's just way too easy to ride the mountain bike.

But I've discovered that taking the path (er, trail) of least resistance (i.e., most fun) has left big holes in my fitness. Time to break out the road bike at least twice a week for some lung-searing 20 mph+ workouts. Oh joy.

Seriously though, summer is here and the tan lines need some work after being in the woods since fall. My legs and lungs will have to just shut up and endure the punishment.

But, if I start blogging about road racing, will someone please remind me how much I hate being a roadie? Thanks, yo.

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