Friday, September 27, 2013

After all, it is a bike blog!

Let's talk about this for a second; bikes. Yep, bicycles. In particular, how often do you buy a new one? Every two years? Every five? Are you one of those people that when you find a good one, you hold onto it for as long as you can?

The reason I ask this is simple; do we buy new bikes because we need one, or because we want one? Is technology moving so fast in the bicycle industry that a two-year-old bike is outdated? Does the type of bike make a difference?

I just recently parted with my long-time trail companion. My 2004 Gary Fisher Rig finally bit the dust. I rode the wheels off of that thing. Well, truth be told, I rode it until the frame cracked, but you get the point. But, it was a rigid singlespeed. About the only thing that was outdated, at least in terms of singlespeeds, was the frame. It was so simple in it's technology that it never aged.

So now this is on my radar...

2014 Giant Anthem X 29 1. Yes, that's really what it's called. My fear about buying one of these is less "will I like it?" and more "will it become outdated?". Will the 2015 model come out and make me feel like I got a hunk of outdated crap? I worry about these things. I'm a worrier. That's why my friends call me "Whiskers".

Well, I had to start the dialog. Go ahead, chime in.


Jacob said...

Not by 2015, 2016 maybe. =)

In all seriousness, my bike is a 2012 and was bought last spring. In 2013 the new model they had manage to cut 2 pounds off the bike, that irritated me. It cost me a lot of money to drop that 2 pounds with new Reba and Crest rims/aerolite spokes/hope hubs and xt cassette.

The only new part I think I might consider useful though would be a new RD. I would really like to put an XT Shadow + on my bike. Prevent chain slap, I've dropped my chain 2 times recently and the clutch would help with that, which could mean avoiding a wreck.

Off topic, but speaking of wrecks Brooke took a good spill a few weeks ago, dislocated her shoulder and now we are going to see a surgeon because she has 3 tears in that shoulder.

On topic again, my biggest dilemma right now is 27.5 vs 29. Now that I've ridden a nice 27.5, I'm itching for one, even in hardtail. But I want to try one on the trail first to see how much it will beat me up. Now if I keep the 29er my investment in my current bike isn't wasted, but if I switch wheel size, then I'm selling everything and starting over. That 27.5 though was soo much more fun than my 29er, it might be worth it.

I guess my point is, it depends on what technology. Wheel size change is going to be costly, because my current wheels and fork don't transfer over to my next bike. If I stick with the 29er though, upgrading parts here and there isn't too expensive. If that makes sense.

That is my current opinion. Best part about the fast technology changes is the trickle down next season.

I should probably go to a SS, I could save myself a lot of headaches about new parts. A dirty century is one of my goals now, and I'm not going SS for 100 miles.

Skmeetz said...


I'm mapping out an almost all-dirt hundy that includes Doty ridge and connects with a bunch of stuff in Arcadia. Won't be until March or April. Keep that on you're radar.